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Integrative Health Care

Our practice pioneered integrating alternative therapies, nutrition and traditional healthcare into private practice.
Schedule your complementary ‘analysis’ with Dr. Mark Medeiros by phone or in person to learn much more about how integrating these key components into your health care program could change your life, forever!

Injection-Free Pain Management

Our Practice pioneered injection free pain management techniques for a variety of health conditions. We have the most complete selection of laser, full body infrared, neurostim and other injection free pain management in this part of the country. Other care options include traction & decompression, braces, nutrition support and supplies as well as foot orthoses and and pain management at home care equipment.

Blending Chiropractic Care with Holistic and Conventiional Treatment For Over 30 Years.

Get The Facts

You have a need, and a right, to know the best and most up-to-date information. We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of Integrative Healthcare based upon research and 30 plus years of clinical experience!

By choosing our practice you’ll be embarking on a comprehensive healthcare program focusing on getting you more comfortable quickly, and if you like, next going to work on nutrition and key lifestyle components which are so often essential to your long term treatment success!

Call 781-659-7989 and request your FREE 15 minute “Analysis” in person or by phone so Dr. Medeiros can help determine if you are a candidate for evaluation in our clinic or to see if you may be a candidate for Concierge or Self-Guided Care at home!