The Best Neuropathy Diet

Even neuropathy patients can make the mistake of thinking that diet doesn’t matter!


Food, and especially quality food has a very big effect upon the function of our bodies, especially the brain and nervous system.

Neuropathy like many painful disorders can have a direct connection with diet quality. The most common types of neuropathy are related to diabetes, and its relative, metabolic syndrome. But we know that good food quality helps neuropathy patients function and often feel better!

Once upon a time when our ancestors roamed the earth we were hunter-gatherers. Humans ate from fields, trees and where available, lakes, streams and of course the ocean.

Not that this was ever easy, as diseases and starvation have been killers for centuries. But the basis of human diets was basically plants, and whenever available animals, eggs and fish. Nuts from trees were harvested and celebrated!

Now, humans roam the supermarket aisles filling their baskets often times with nothing resembling our early days. Too often, we shop with little thought. That is until we don’t feel well or face a health crisis.

Now This Is a Neuropathy Patient Shopping List!

Even neuropathy patients can make the mistake of thinking that diet doesn’t matter!

Here’s the basic problem with thinking that way and blindly shopping: too many calories, sugars and sweets including soft drinks, all of which can aggravate many forms of neuropathy.

So what’s the best diet? As close to our ancestors as possible! That means neuropathy patients do best with a plant (vegetable) based diet.

If you shop the outside aisles in the market, you’ll find all you need except for things like coffee, tea and spices. You can pick from vegetables like spinach, broccoli and asparagus. Minimize starchy veges like carrots and potatoes.

Grab low sugar fruits like apples, melon and in season things like peaches, pears, etc.

Then, grab a bag each of walnuts and almonds. Stop by the deli for fresh fish maybe some poultry.

Finally, circle around and grab some soy, almond or rice milk.

So you’ve avoided dairy, breads, cheeses, processed meats etc.

Next time, we’ll talk about why this neuropathy diet approach may be the best of all!


Neuropathy Warning: “Treat Your Body as a Temple, Not a Woodshed!”


Like many of life’s disruptions, neuropathy is a wake up call.

This is one of my favorite all time quotes from one of my first mentors, Jim Rohn. Jim is no longer of this world, but his words ring truer than ever. Jim was a powerful personal and business development expert, who was taught early in life that all of us need to study nutrition, along with the other the basic essentials of what makes us tick as human beings.

Like many of life’s disruptions, neuropathy is a wake up call. And it’s always an uninvited guest. But there are now many things we do know that you can use to help yourself. And one of these is to master how your body responds to better neuropathy care, just like your car!

Neuropathy is a disruption of our internal “machinery”. In our youth, we take so much for granted, as we accumulate miles, just like an older car we need more attention, expense, and yes, even better fuel.

You see, neuropathy is often a breakdown in the individual nerve cells that get overwhelmed or fail to recover from insults.

Now this could be anything from an accident to accompanying diseases. Maybe your family history and your genes paly a role too.

Good neuropathy care involves giving your body the best possible chance of recovery. And a huge part of that can be just by starting a nutrition “recovery” program. Too often though, we tend to be overwhelmed or confused when it comes to neuropathy nutrition.

Do you need a special diet? In a word, yes!

Use Neuropathy Treatment Tools Like Journaling for 7 days...

So how do we begin? I suggest that neuropathy patients begin with conscious eating. What this means is for 7 days, starting today, you log everything that goes into your mouth. And I mean gum, candy, cigars or whatever on a daily basis.

Be strict about this for one week. Then you can begin the path to better neuropathy results by better nutrition.

Once you have the basics, then we can work your game plan together for outstanding neuropathy treatment results!


Fault Finding or Personal Choices in Obesity Related Neuropathy

Obesity, diabetes and a very common form of peripheral neuropathy are very closely linked. Neuropathy and diabetes are both much more common now a days, and showing up in younger ages than ever before in our modern world.

Food supply is a doubled edged sword. As little as 50 years ago, foods in some areas of the modern world were in short supply. Modern food processing and even food “manufacturing” has changed all that.

Food itself is far more plentiful for most people than at any time in our history. And that unfortunately has created lots of problems.

Along with supply, has come a huge increase in the “density” of calories. A calorie is a simple measure of energy potential in what we eat and drink. An average healthy person may only need around 2000 calories per day. But the problem is, its possible to eat (very easily) way more than that, even in 1 meal! Yikes!

So, this means that a cup of a processed food for example can have 3 times the calories and fewer nutrients than a cup of say steamed vegetables, or even lean protein.

And consume these foods long enough before you know it you’ve packed on 20, 40, 60 or more pounds and neuropathy, diabetes and heart disease can and often do result.

Recently, there has been a wave of politicians attempting to legislate better health habits. What a theft of personal choice that is!

Quite frankly I’m appalled. Between the proposals made by Mayor Bloomberg and the New York City proposals, the “popcorn police”, and now Cambridge Mass. and others wanting to ban sales of certain foods too!

Aren’t we big boys and girls any more? Can we still teach our kids right from wrong? Behavior has consequences!

Real empowerment in neuropathy or any disease comes from the choices you and I make every day. The good news is progress from food companies is being made. Slow, but real.

I’m rather about adults learning what’s best and teaching our children better personal choices every day!

How about you?

I recently had the opportunity to interview the famous Hank Cardello, a former food executive and the author of “Stuffed”.

Listen in as Hank and I discuss the Obesity Epidemic and The Food Industry…

When Neuropathy Strikes Hard

 One of the most difficult things we see in the neuropathy clinic is when a patient presents with a new onset of neuropathy…

Now this patient’s neuropathy can be due to things like viral infections, an accident, and sometimes even a chemical exposure. Sometimes-even drugs that save our lives may cause sudden neuropathy.

Very often though, a patient presents with neuropathy that appeared suddenly, but has been probably coming on for a long time.

So what I’d thought I’d do today iets talk about something we see too frequently. That is, when the tingling, numbness and burning are sudden, but the causes are many. And in reality, have been creating some trouble for years.

Here’s a patient story that is not unfamiliar.

Jim who just turned 45 has gradually become less active over time, but otherwise relatively healthy. He’s also become very poor with his eating habits; you know chips and beer with the boys during the week instead of just during a weekend ball game. He’s stunned at how trim and fit he looked when he finds his high school pictures but says, “Oh well…”

He never kicked the cigarettes. And about 10 months ago he learned in a life insurance exam his cholesterol and blood sugars were “borderline” high but probably “OK” for his “age”.

Reversisng Neuropathy is the Aim Of NeuropathyDR Combined Treatment Methods

He finally sees his doctor who says quite frankly, ‘clean up your act’ or you’ll have no choice but to take these drugs. Guess which path he takes? Yes, statin medication and blood sugar pills. Oh yeah, he now is eating antacids like crazy and never eats anything green. Then, he has surgery for a longstanding hernia and then seemingly all at once, his feet are on fire, with his hands not far behind.

Now, he remembers his grandfathers diabetes and just how miserable his hands and feet were with neuropathy when he was a kid

So, was this neuropathy sudden? Well the symptoms sure were but actually our patient’s health habits had set the neuropathy stage for more than 20 years.

My friends, the sad part is in the ND neuropathy clinics we see every day patients like our friend. Sadly, this kind of neuropathy is a consequence of long standing habits, some of which are very preventable.

We now know way more than we did about neuropathy, and we are ready when you are to tackle the health habits that may be standing in your way of living and feeling a whole lot better!


Help Us Help You Beat Neuropathy!

Help Us Help You Beat Neuropathy!

Wow, what a week it’s been in the neuropathy treatment clinic! We’ve taken in several new cases this week. Post-surgical neuropathy, diabetes and chemotherapy. We also have had our youngest cancer patient ever come in.

In fact, we just finished treating another post chemotherapy patient, 50-60% better after just 5 weeks in the Norwell clinic.

In addition to being very happy, with her progress, and just 4 days after she completed a 3 hr benefit walk, Laura said we are “…the most comfortable Dr.s Office I’ve ever visited!” Keep in mind, 6 weeks ago, Laura had difficulty even walking normally!

On the flip side though, we have had over 30 patients around the USA and Canada in the last 4 days contact us, because there are no NeuropathyDR® clinics available to help them locally.

My wife Patti saw these come in to my desk and said “John, why don’t you ask your on-line friends to recommend THEIR favorite doctors and physical therapists to YOU, and see if they would like to become the NeuropathyDR Treatment Center in their area?”

Finally, a Neuropathy Treatment System that works!

What a really good idea that is! So now, we are asking you to help yourself and other professionals who may be reading this.

You know as a reader, our neuropathy treatment systems are unique, relying very much on the skill and training of our highly respected clinicians. And we often get results where others fail.

This is because we only let the most qualified clinicians join our team.

A big part of our rapid growth at NeuropathyDR has come with the iPhone®/ipad app, and our Facebook community. Patient’s call and private message us all the time looking for competent, caring neuropathy treatment professionals.

Peripheral neuropathy is not a problem with quick, easy answers. And its difficult work, even on easy days. But if you have been fortunate enough to encounter a great doc or therapist willing to expand their horizons and do what we do, I invite you to have them call us at 781-754-0599  24/7

Tell us who’s your favorite health care provider and why below, or  over here on Facebook

Enjoy your day!



What Caused My Neuropathy?

What Caused My Neuropathy?

One of the most common questions we get in our clinics is “What caused MY Neuropathy?” We spend a whole lot of time just trying to sort this one out.

Why? Because we know your results will be much better if we can just identify just what caused YOUR Neuropathy.

The more experience we get, the more I realize is that many times in the neuropathy treatment centers, the causes of neuropathy are actually several different things all interacting together.

Let me give you a common scenario.

This make believe patient is a guy, former athlete now has a sedentary job, he’s age 49, does not exercise at home at all. Unfortunately, eats lots of processed foods, very few vegetables, and loves a few beers with his steak dinners. He’s been eating like this 2-3 days a week since he started to make good money at work. He was put on statin (cholesterol) and blood pressure drugs 4 years ago, and was recently told by his doctor he may be “pre-diabetic”.

Now, he finds himself stumbling in the dark and his balance is off. He really got concerned when he couldn’t feel the carpet on the floor and his feet started to burn and tingle. Now they keep him up at night!

Our young patient has developed neuropathy. So, if you are a long time reader can you identify a least 3 possible causes?

OK, here goes: 1. Metabolic Syndrome or pre-diabetes can cause neuropathy, sometimes 10 years or more before diabetes is diagnosed! 2. His diet is low in fiber and antioxidants, maybe too much alcohol too.

Sometimes Called Pre-Diabetes Metabolic Syndrome is rampant in our society...

And lastly, he’s taking two classes of drugs that are known to cause neuropathy, even sometimes by themselves.

So, what has to be dealt with for our patient to really get better? You guessed it. Treatment of course will make him happy and more comfortable, but lasting health will be…you guessed it… a project that is life long!

“Does My Behavior Affect My Neuropathy?”

“Does My Behavior Affect My Neuropathy?”

Wow. You mean how I act around my family, and even my health care professionals has an impact on my peace of mind, my health and maybe even my neuropathy treatment?

In a word, yes! This may be a very difficult discussion for some, but a very important one. In the clinic, we call this “illness behavior”.

There is a Better Way! Join our Family of Friends Who Share Everyday on Facebook

Lets break it down. When you were a little kid, and you got those scrapes from falling down, or maybe the assault from a bully. Or even something worse. Just like me you learned that being “sick” certainly brings more attention to us.

And in an emergency, rightly so! NOT letting the correct people know you need help in a crisis is just as bad!

But problems arise when we carry these inappropriate learned behaviors from childhood over into adulthood. Often it begins unconsciously. Being diagnosed with a new health problem, like peripheral neuropathy, having a genetic disease or major accident is life changing.

These all require a period of time to uncover real choices, treatment options, etc. And in neuropathy treatments especially this is true now more than ever as more and more neuropathy claims are being made.

Here’s my point. When we display illness behaviors, the biggest negative effect is on ourselves! If we tell our subconscious mind how sick we are, what do we get? More sickness!

This in no way demeans anyone suffering from a serious or life threatening disease. But plenty of studies even in really sick patients tell us as neuropathy treatment specialists that when you have a healthier outlook, and a healthy set of behaviors to match, the better chance we have at really doing really well with your treatment success!

We also know that our attitudes and behaviors affect our immune systems, our sleep, and yes even our aging process.

We also know that even in really severe illness, our behaviors have a huge impact.

And the most difficult but important behavior of all?

Asking for professional and spiritual guidance, or in a word, acceptance.

If you’d like another perspective, Listen in as I talk for 2 minutes with Mal Duane once again…


A Neuropathy Get Well Plan

A Neuropathy Get Well Plan

If you have spent even just a little time with our last few messages, you probably are starting to see there ARE some very easy steps you can take to deal with the effects of neuropathy.

Of course, everyone is different but simply relying on neuropathy treatment drugs to do the entire job can be risky.

Neuropathy is one of those health conditions that is caused by so many different conditions, toxins or diseases. Some are extraordinarily painful, and can really disrupt your life.

But, as bad as it can be, we find that taking some little steps can make for a much better quality of life. And we know from experience in the NeuropathyDR Center the sooner we can help you sort this out, the better and faster your progress will be!

There are probably at least three things in your life you really will need to take a look at.

No doubt, the first is your diet. Is it full of processed foods? Or, loaded with vegetables, lean protein. Are you drinking only clean water throughout the day or haven’t yet kicked the soda or juice habit?

Next is your relative fitness level. For example, are you in the best physical shape you can be given everything else you may be dealing with? Even patients with walkers need to move as much as possible throughout the day.

Last, not least and probably most important, what about your attitude? This is one area that has a huge impact on not only yourself, but also those trying to help you.

Tell us what concerns you the most...and we'll really listen!

I’m not saying it’s easy. If fact as your health professional, it can be one of the most difficult, but yet important things we can help you sort out.

And you know what? This is one area where talking about this in private in the clinic really can help!

I look forward to helping you with more steps toward neuropathy treatment success!  Join us on Facebook during the week and help others with what you have found helpful in your neuropathy game plan!