“Light Therapy” and Your Neuropathy

What if anything does light therapy have to do with neuropathy treatments?

Sun, or natural light has been used for centuries to help heal illnesses and diseases. It is a well-known fact that Sun exposure is what helps our bodies activate vitamin D.

We know with great certainty now that Vitamin D is involved in many diseases and illnesses. We also know that some diseases are much more common in patients who live in parts of the world with less natural light exposure.

Now, all you have to do is search the Internet and you will find no shortage of devices that are reported to emit light and are said to be “good for neuropathy”.

So, what if anything does light therapy have to do with neuropathy treatments?

Are you getting your Vitamin D?

Here’s my take. Neuropathy treatment, including warm “lights” that help open blood vessels and warm cooled tissue almost always feels good. This is one of the common things we see in neuropathy and neuropathy treatment patients.

Now, this could be as simple as warm foot soaks, or better yet a warm Epsom salts bath, still an underused but old fashioned home remedy for aches and pains.


It could also be lounging on the warm sands with a good book on your favorite beach!

But here’s my concern. Most studies I have read shed doubt upon the lasting benefits of many neuropathy treatments, including most forms of light therapy.

And you need to be VERY careful, as nerves that are damaged will not perceive heat, and this could lead to burns or tissue damage!

This is why clinicians who have done their studies render the best neuropathy treatments.

However you should know that, some therapies like PILT, which stands for pulsed infrared light therapy, may be helpful, especially in diabetic neuropathy.

What I can tell you is that almost any neuropathy treatment, which feels good, relieves and does not aggravate your neuropathy may be helping by making local blood circulation better.

Improving circulation can allow nerve endings and cells take up energy better and are more efficient.

While the jury is out on light therapy, just make sure what ever you do is not harmful, and is part of a comprehensive neuropathy treatment plan.

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Neuropathy Treatment Pills and Potions!

Good neuropathy treatment is usually not as simple as taking or rubbing on just one thing.

“Just start taking my magic formula and your neuropathy can be GONE!”

If only neuropathy treatment was that simple. Or easy.

Now that is not to say that supplements and lotions can’t have a role in good neuropathy treatment. The fact is they often do.

But good neuropathy treatment is usually not as simple as taking or rubbing on just one thing.

Many neuropathy patients don’t know that some supplements should not be taken with drugs. For example, CoQ-10 can be trouble, and should not be taken if you are on Coumadin.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine can interfere with thyroid function, and its use needs to be professionally monitored. This is especially true if you take thyroid medications.

Are you taking the correct supplements?

And the list goes on. It seems like some new neuropathy formula is being offered every day! Neuropathy patients need to be very careful.

So what is the he best thing a neuropathy treatment patient should do? Find a neuropathy treatment professional to work with. Find out all you can about them. Are they up on the latest techniques? Are they aware of drugs that may interact with their therapy?

Help treat your neuropathy by providing all your lab and medical, records. If your neuropathy is associated with any food or skin allergies, we need to know that too.

Let us know about your family history. Have you had recent surgery or anesthesia, which can make neuropathy symptoms worse?

Have you tried any neuropathy treatments and what have the results been? What seems to make your neuropathy feel better, and especially does anything you do seem to make it worse?

This is all part of having a neuropathy treatment plan. If you have any questions about what good neuropathy treatment is, ask your trained neuropathy treatment professional.

But just make sure they have actually studied in and are trained in the neuropathy treatment specialty!

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Neuropathy Treatments That Really Do Work!

Neuropathy treatments that really do work depend upon the skill of highly trained clinicians to choose exactly the correct therapies for you.


If you look at the Internet like most patients do several times a day, you have no doubt searched for “neuropathy treatment”. Probably many times. You have also spent a lot of time in chats and you probably even belong to groups.

Your probably saw us on-line, maybe on Facebook “Beating Neuropathy”. Maybe you saw our neuropathy treatment book in a bookstore and grabbed it!

And if you are like most of the new neuropathy patients we see in the NeuropathyDR clinics, you may be disappointed to see that so little is actually written about effective neuropathy treatment. This is really true when it comes to medical treatments of neuropathy and many forms of chronic pain.

Usually, some single drug, or drug combination is talked about. Then maybe some surgical or other radical procedures to cut or numb damaged nerves are described.

Knowing which techniques are right for you!

Now I’ll talk about this again, but the reality most of the time, is that no single therapy used by itself makes for good neuropathy treatment!

That is simply because neuropathy treatment success is often complicated.

And that is because neuropathy itself can be complicated.

Neuropathy treatments that really do work depend upon the skill of highly trained clinicians to choose exactly the correct therapies for you.

Neuropathy treatment specialists like those in our practice know this and work first to understand everything they possibly can about your condition.

And just as importantly, trained neuropathy treatment specialists also know what therapies not to use, or may be harmful.

Our experience is that some treatment combinations for neuropathy can be very powerful!

For example, when we first started to use electro therapies, we discovered adding additional and sometimes simultaneous applications of different neuropathy treatments worked far better than one just by itself!

So, as you can see, there is no one size fits all answer for effective neuropathy treatments.

But with the combined effort of many neuropathy treatment centers, we have a darned good idea of what works most of the time!

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What Can Home Neuropathy Treatment Really Do for Me?

Most common neuropathy treatments are only about hiding some of the miserable symptoms.


One of the things I like most about what I do as a neuropathy treatment professional and writer is hearing from all my wonderful friends and patients. This might be on the Radio, Facebook, and Twitter and of course Gmail.

It never fails, when I’m most looking for encouragement in the tough world of neuropathy treatment, friends like you always show up!

For that, I simply can’t thank you enough for having the courage to share your neuropathy treatment stories.

Neuropathy may be the most widespread and poorly understood health issue of our day, and this seems to get worse all the time!

And now, the Internet makes this a bigger problem. Don’t get me wrong, good information about neuropathy treatment is helpful for sure.

Sometimes, I hear about your neuropathy treatment successes. Often you tell me how much our talking together every couple days helps you get through your neuropathy pain, numbness and burning.

But all too often, I hear only about neuropathy treatment failures!

This of course is why you are reading this today!

You see, most common neuropathy treatments are only about hiding some of the miserable symptoms. Or the pain, sleeplessness or tingling, as if that’s all that neuropathy is.

Treating at Home

There is a common misconception that just following this diet taking this supplement or that drug is all you need to do to ease your neuropathy.

Almost nothing is ever said in most neuropathy treatment circles about making your nerves actually work as good as they can again!

Of course, this is different for each neuropathy patient, depending upon the cause of your neuropathy.

One of the most amazing things about our work in the neuropathy treatment clinic is the discovery that in many neuropathy patient’s, nerves are much more “plastic” than we ever thought possible.

This means, that nerves are not always “dead” as some doctors and therapists may believe. But not all neuropathy treatments work! And nothing works for everybody.

When proper treatment can be done, results can be life changing!

So what I am going to do in this next series of articles is to talk about home care and professionally applied neuropathy treatments that really do work.

Most importantly, I’ll tell you why I think they do!

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What If You Choose The Wrong Neuropathy Professional?

Our best clinicians call us on a regular basis to talk about neuropathy treatment advances or helping special cases.

When I first started to teach about caring for neuropathy patients, I did so because almost every other method out there was inconsistent at best. Too often, neuropathy treatment was failing.

And this too often was because with rare exceptions, docs and PTs were not well educated in neuropathy treatment. Sure, there have been devices around for a long time.

But getting neuropathy patients really well again requires some incredible study and new skills! Skills that actually change and get better the more we use them.

Well, that has all changed thanks to our work at NeuropathyDR®. We set out to establish the finest network of neuropathy clinicians ever assembled.

Not unexpectedly, our clients are so grateful to be able to duplicate our neuropathy treatment results.

Even more so, our best clinicians call us on a regular basis to talk about neuropathy treatment advances or helping special cases.

So, there is much better neuropathy treatment available to more neuropathy patients than ever before!

What happens if you chose the wrong neuropathy treatment professional?

But how do you know if the health professional you choses is the right one?

Well, the best neuropathy professionals never hesitate to talk to you frankly, by phone or in person. So start there. If you cant have a good conversation and learn more about the clinic, go somewhere else!

Of course, your best bet is to choose a NeuropathyDR Clinic. Our clinicians are in constant learning mode, not just an occasional weekend seminar, and have myself as a consultant to help work on difficult cases, maybe even yours!

You’ll find our current clinicians listed here:


And on our Mobile App


So spend a little time. Do your homework, you’ll be glad when your neuropathy improves that you chose the right neuropathy treatment professional!

Always remember, this is a big decision. NeuropathyDR Treatment Centers are here to help!

I’ll have another serving please…or how to gain 60 pounds in 1 year

During a recent episode of Beating Neuropathy Radio, Hank Cardello said something that really hit home with the neuropathy audience.


Recently, I had the opportunity to interview on the neuropathy radio show Hank Cardello. Hank is a former food industry expert whose major role today is to teach us all, consumers and industry experts alike the benefits of reducing the calories we eat, while at the same time improving food quality.

During a recent episode of Beating Neuropathy, Hank said something that really hit home to the neuropathy audience.

I know this was because many neuropathy patients suffer from diabetes or metabolic syndrome. This type of neuropathy happens largely because of being overweight.

Hank told our audience that today, it is not at all uncommon, and VERY easy for us to eat an extra 600 calories or more per day then we need. This was not true 40 to 50 years ago.

If we drink soda, or eat lots of refined and pre packaged foods, that number can be much higher.

Here’s the problem for neuropathy patients. 600 extra calories per day is 4200 per week. 3500 calories extra per week can easily turn into 1 pound of fat. This can very easily turn into 60 pounds or more during a year!

So you can see, it’s very easy to eat way more than we should or need to for normal requirements.

Now This Is a Neuropathy Patient Shopping List!

And this is devastating for some one with neuropathy.

So, what’s the neuropathy patient to do? First, go back a couple weeks and re read the neuropathy diet. In there, we even showed you how to walk and shop the supermarket for neuropathy diets.

Next, start to measure your food. Seriously, a set of measuring cups and a small scale work wonders.

When my neuropathy patients first start to do this they are shocked at how much more we eat than we really need!

Don’t forget, winning the neuropathy battle is dependent upon your ability to function at your very best!

Got Neuropathy? Fuel Better to Feel Better!

Do you remember why we eat? It’s to provide fuel and “building blocks” so our bodies can function smoothly, and repair themselves. Thinking very consciously about this really can help you improve your neuropathy treatment!

In our last few posts I’ve talked about how simple a neuropathy diet can, and should be most of the time

Do you remember though, why we eat? It’s to provide fuel and “building blocks” so our bodies can function smoothly, and repair themselves. Thinking very consciously about this really can help you change your neuropathy treatment!

One of the biggest things I find that helps us is always having a powerful image of how we want to feel, and function! Think about it. Would you rather be building your body with empty calories from highly refined foods or from fresh, “live” foods such as vegetables, fruits and so on.

As part of good neuropathy treatment we are trying to stop or reduce “Inflammation”, the cause of much pain and suffering.

Neuropathy patients especially, need to be able to repair their bodies better, maintain an even blood sugar, and also provide things like magnesium, and vitamins.

In neuropathy, magnesium can help ease pain and restore better sleep. In our neuropathy diet, this would be from eating our leafy green vegetables, fruits and nuts.

The B Vitamins especially help our nerve cells work better. A key neuropathy vitamin is B1 or Thiamine. This one is crucial in neuropathy and diabetes as it helps your body “burn” starches and sugars, commonly called carbs now a days.

Food is Fuel for Your Body- how good is your fuel?

This you’ll get from eating nuts, and lean proteins like omega 3 eggs. Cereals are limited in the neuropathy diet, but small portions like a quarter cup (hint: always measure) can help your belly work better and help keep cholesterol levels in check.

One of my favorite ways to start the day is with ¼ cup gluten free granola with almonds, then, add 1 tablespoon of soy or vegetable protein powder, and finally a splash of soy or almond milk. You’ll be keeping your carbs around 15-20 grams and be getting a head start on vitamins if you do this right.

A final word about neuropathy treatment supplements. Neuropathy treatment supplements are often advised in the NeuropathyDR clinics, always under supervision, and knowing what medicines you may be taking.

But always remember, the foundation of your best neuropathy treatment at home should be the neuropathy diet and activity, with co-treatments directed by your NeuropathyDR clinician.




Simple and Powerful: The NeuropathyDR Diet Plan

Why I believe a simple dietary approach for neuropathy treatment or what I call the “NeuropathyDR Patients Diet” may be the best diet, not only for neuropathy but also for everyone.

When we last met I also talked about how this simple diet that many neuropathy patients do best with is a plant or vegetable based diet.

The real reason I advise this approach, is that it helps your body fight inflammation and obesity, which is the enemy of all of us. This is especially true if you suffer from neuropathy.

Learning to shop the outside aisles in the markets, you’ll find all you need except for things like coffee, tea and spices.

Picking from fresh vegetables like spinach, broccoli and asparagus can be a new experience for many with neuropathy and chronic pain.

Be sure to minimize your starchy veges like carrots and potatoes.

Why? Starches in many forms (including so called natural ones) can affect blood sugar levels in many neuropathy patients, especially those with diabetes and its precursor, metabolic syndrome.

For fruits, look for low sugar fresh fruits like apples, melon and in season things like peaches, pears, etc. Buy organically grown, and local foods wherever possible.

The NeuropathyDR Diet is About Picking Farmed Produce First

You can start adding walnuts and almonds to your salads. Nuts are good sources of essential fats, which your body needs for proper nerve function. Remember, peanuts are actually a legume and are not always tolerated well. Raw almonds may actually help you drop your cholesterol too.

Another way to help your body fight neuropathy as well as control your appetite is to add some additional oils like olive oil. If you haven’t yet replaced butter or margarine, my favorite of all is Earth Balance®

As you are piecing together your own neuropathy diet, remember never shop while hungry, and use a list. Avoiding impulse buys may save you those aggravating blood sugar related neuropathy flare-ups, which my patients tell me are very real.

Just remember, by doing this successfully, you have avoided dairy, soda, candy, pastry, breads and pasta, cheeses, processed meats etc.


By now, you should be able to see why the NeuropathyDR Diet is an important first step to beating your neuropathy!

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