Chiropractic Treatment: Beating Lower Back Pain

If you’re experiencing pain in your lower back, you’re not alone; about 25% of U.S. adults complain of low back pain at least once each year. The pain can range from mildly irritating to completely debilitating, keeping you or a loved one from enjoying simple, everyday activities such as walking, sitting, and standing.

What Causes Low Back Pain?

Low back pain can come from a wide variety of sources but is most often triggered by strain or injury to the muscles, discs, and ligaments surrounding the spine. In fact, repeated muscle strain can, over time, lead to an imbalance in the spinal structure itself. The constant tension on the spine leaves the back more susceptible to injury.

What often happens with lower back pain is that after injuring another area of their back, people tend to adjust the way they walk in an effort to avoid pain in the injured area. Unfortunately, this produces extra strain on the lower back, which might be moved or twisted abnormally…leading to pain in that area as well.

Other causes of low back pain include vertebrae fractures, a herniated disc, osteoarthritis, and spinal deformities such as those caused by scoliosis.

What Are The Symptoms of Low Back Pain?

Low back pain can come in several forms, including:

  • Muscle spasms or cramping
  • Sharp pains in the back or buttocks

Of course, symptoms will vary based on the cause and the severity of the injury or condition.

Add more pillows to help ease back pain

If you often find yourself waking up with a stiff back, the way you sleep might be aggravating it too!

Fortunately, there is a simple solution. Try either altering your sleeping position or adding pillows in strategic locations to help ease the strain on your lower back.

Side sleepers can add a pillow between their knees, and back sleepers could position the pillow beneath their knees.

Back sleepers might also try rolling up a small towel and placing it underneath their lower back.

Spinal manipulation can relieve pain and improve function.

One of the most commonly used treatments for low back pain is spinal manipulation, which should be performed by a trained chiropractor. During treatment, we use our hands or a special device to apply force to a particular spot on the spine in an effort to ease low back pain and improve the patient’s level of function in daily activities.

Research has shown that spinal manipulation can provide immediate relief of low back pain, with results still in effect as much as 18 months after treatments have been provided.

Side effects, if any, are mild.

Overall, spinal manipulation has been found to be a safe and effective treatment for much low back pain.

We will work with you or your loved ones to determine the best treatment plan for your condition.

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