Patient Testimonials


Patient Testimonials

Read what our patients say…

Welcome To The NeuropathyDR Family!

Hello all! My father has severe neuropathy he is diabetic. The NeuropathyDR program has changed my fathers life and it has only been five visits. His feet have been greatly affected by neuropathy… *

…it has been a rough road he hasn’t been able to work in two years, stand, walk, sleep or leave his house. Did I mention he is only 53 years old and had to RETIRE?! 

Taking him to the doctors was an extremely painful view to watch as his daughter he has become a prisoner of his own home and walking resulted in a tearful experience.

I cannot express my gratitude to this program wholly with words. I have gone from watching my father live in a hopeless painful nightmare, he called quits on life a few times.

The Therapist has changed the way he eats, implemented suggested supplements to beat neuropathy and a great machine that helps the stimulation of damaged nerves regenerate and it truly relaxes him.

Also, she has been conditioning him as well as he has lost all his muscle, reflexes and overall physical strength there is ALOT more room for improvement and I cannot wait to see it unravel. More updates to come! *

I have had a history of neck problems due to a severe automobile accident. I suffered from much pain, immobility and restricted movement and inability to get a full nights sleep. Due to the pain, I became depressed, I had low energy the pain dominated my life.

After just a few treatments my pain level decreased, allowing me to get better nights of sleep, and all without the use of any medication!! My life has become so much better, I feel like dancing with my husband again, without the worry of being in pain!!! The entire treatment was a miracle for me!! I feel hopeful for my future without pain in my life. *

Before treatment I suffered from numerous pain problems: headaches, fibromyalgia, back pain and leg pain and sleep apnea. I just could not function. My whole life was consumed with pain. Now I have seen much improvement! I can move better with little to no pain. I can move my head left to right every time without getting dizzy or feeling faint. That in itself is an amazing accomplishment. I am able to drive a car confidently again. I would recommend this treatment to anyone. It has helped me to look forward and not be stuck on the pain! *

I have had over 35 years of constant back pain, mostly due to my occupation. Several times the pain was so excruciating, I would be laid up on my back for days. Unable to do daily normal activities, never mind attempting to work. It was a constant battle I was afraid to do anything that would put strain on my back. As I got older it really slowed me down. When my first grandchild came, it hurt me every time I picked her up. I KNEW I HAD TO DO SOMETHING!

The pain is gone! I am still very aware of what I can and can’t do, but my outlook on life has changed so much. I feel like a weight I’ve been carrying for so many years has been lifted. I am enjoying things now I thought I could never do again. Any depressing feelings I had in the past are gone, I even started drawing again. I am so happy that I took the chance to try this treatment, and it has restarted my life again. *

I started seeing Dr. Hayes in 2006 for my back pain and sciatica and he helped me get my life back! My pain went from a 10/10 to a 3/10. I am now able to do things with my kids! I still see Dr. Hayes and he continues to help me! *

Dr. Hayes gave me my life back. I had gone to many doctors over the years that could not give me any relief from my fibromyalgia pain. At my first visit with Dr. Hayes, he believed me, pointed out a few other health issues I was not aware of that was adding to my pain, and set me up with a treatment plan. He made sure I understood everything perfectly and his staff was kind and understanding to my needs. Because I followed his treatment plan, I have gone from a 7 to 10 average level of pain to a 3 to 6 average. I can do some work and take care of myself on a daily basis. I do not spend 75% of my life in bed from pain anymore. *For anyone in any type of pain, do yourself a favor and call him. *

I suffered from severe neuropathy and my feet felt like they were burning up and someone was sticking pins into my feet. I couldn’t walk too far wearing my shoes. This took my ability to walk around town, and Golf. After the treatment I can now wear shoes for longer periods of time. The burning sensation is almost completely gone. I am enjoying life more with the reduced amount of pain. As a result to the treatment I feel better all over my body. I am confident I will feel even better once the treatment is complete. *

Prior to the treatment I had numbness in my feet and hands along with back pains and neck pains, muscle pains in my arms, headaches and ear pains. Now after treatment I feel stronger with no numbness in my feet or hands. Overall I feel my life has become much, much better. *

From my legs down to my feel were so numb. I had a terrible time trying to walk. A lot of the time the numbness in my legs would cause me to fall. I have had only 3 treatments and already I can feel the sensation in my legs again. I can also say that I am more confident when I walk and less afraid that I am not going to fall. Even thought I have had only 3 treatments I would recommend this treatment to anyone who has had the same problems I had in the past. *

My husband saw the ad in the paper and I thought I should try it. I have had lower back pain for as long as I can remember, from a childhood accident. The lower back pain caused me to develop aches and pains all over my body. In order to deal with the pain in the past, I was using over the counter pain medications. Since starting the treatment I have not had to take one pill. The aching in the shoulders, back, etc. has eased so much I can hardly believe it. My life has become so much better. I feel positive waking up in the morning with out pain I had lived with for so many years before. *

I read the article in the newspaper about the neuropathy treatment. I thought that I would give it a try to attempt to reduce the numbness in my legs and feet. It was very difficult for me to walk or stand for long periods of time. After just a few treatments now I can see that the treatment overall is showing positive improvement in my legs and allowing me to be able to continue with my life! *

I wanted to try this treatment because of the extreme back pain and spasm I was experiencing. It limited everything I did in my life. There was always a constant fear of the pain coming when I was just trying to live life. When the pain was there is was unbearable. Now after treatment there is very little pain and I am doing 90% of normal life’s activities. I have and will continue to recommend this treatment to anyone who experience these pains. *

I saw the treatment ad in the newspaper and nothing I had tried in the past 5 years had given me any relief from my symptoms which included being unsteady on my feet, double vision and inability to focus. I was addicted to Lyrica and experiencing many side affects from the medication. Since beginning this treatment I am no longer taking Lyrica, I am more steady on my feet and having less problems with my vision and I am generally more aware of what is going on around me. *

I have peripheral neuropathy and a lack of balance and difficulty getting up from a sitting position. The treatments have given me feeling back in my feet and my balance has much improved. Along with these improvements and life in general has much improved. *

My entire experience has been extremely positive, the atmosphere is excellent, as is the staff! *
Another satisfied neuropathy patient

My experience was very positive and I look forward to my visits and always leave feeling great. I feel that Dr. Hayes’ philosophy is to make me free of pain and it is working! The staff is welcoming, positive, total top notch! *

My feet feel wonderful, much much better! It’s much easier to fall asleep at night without pain. The staff is great, good with accommodating my different appointments, couldn’t be friendlier! *

I feel much better since beginning treatment with Dr. Hayes. The staff is excellent, definitely a 10! *
Another satisfied neuropathy patient

Metabolic Syndrome-The Undiagnosed potential killer…this story is all too frequent:

Hi Folks! I wanted to take a few minutes to tell you my story. I am 53 yrs old and
15 years ago I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome & fibromyalgia. My quality of life hasn’t been the greatest throughout those years. I have high blood pressure, high cholesterol and essential tremors in my hands and legs. I 1st saw Dr Hayes about 10 years ago for chiropractic care and again 3years ago for physical therapy because I was in so much pain I could hardly move. He & his staff helped me tremendously! At that time, Dr Hayes recommended I would benefit from taking Magnesium supplements which I did take until I saw my primary care doctor again when I was done with PT. She said “you don’t need to take those”, so I stopped taking them and of course continued with the many meds that were prescribed to me but never did I feel I was getting better. If I was lucky I had 1 good day a week, truthfully!

Recently starting in May/June 2010 I started getting symptoms of a different type of fatigue, tingling in my feet, confused, pain in my eyes and being unsteady. I even fell a couple times to the ground. I was back and forth to doctors. At 1st it was recommended by my primary care to see a Rheumatologist b/c “it must be the fibromyalgia”. I saw him 4 times in which he prescribed 2 new medicines to treat the fibromyalgia but only to have the symptoms now magnified to my arms/hands, feet/legs, tongue and lips…and it is now August and I’m getting pretty nervous b/c now they think I have MS. I see a neurologist and he orders 2 MRI’s, a nerve test and 2 series of blood tests which all come back normal except for slight deficiency of Vitamin B12.I think great! If that’s all that wrong how lucky am I? I take B12 for 10 days starting mid Sept and then the symptoms are coming back slowly until Oct 25th, they were now magnified 1000 times worse than ever that I went to the ER. The doctors were stumped and recommended I go back to the neurologist. My blood pressure was 184/98 which is another thing that seemed to be occurring the past several months, irregular high BP and I take meds for it!! One Dr. at the ER said he called the neurologist and was told he was surprised I was in the ER but for me to follow up with him asap.I went home scared out of my mind b/c something was seriously wrong but 4 doctors couldn’t give me a straight answer. On Oct 28th, I looked on Dr Hayes website feeling maybe he could help me b/c he did in the past. I then called and he kindly saw me on the 29th.Within 10 minutes of telling Dr Hayes the same thing I told my primary care doctor, the Rheumatologist, the Neurologist and the ER doctors, Dr Hayes says “I know what’s wrong with you, Peripheral Neuropathy and Metabolic Syndrome”

…I couldn’t believe it!! I am sooo grateful for Dr Hayes! I went home and of course did research and saw that he was so right! I started treatment the next day, Friday, the 30th. I have been doing everything just as he told me. My diet has drastically changed for the good of course!, I walk every day and I see him 3x’s a week and I feel Fabulous!!

I still have some symptoms but in between treatments BUT I feel so much better and I have hope that I will become completely well b/c I found a genius of a doctor who for once is treating the symptoms, not putting a band-aid on them with prescription meds!! I do hope that my experience can give some of you hope! My recommendation is call Dr Hayes!! He is so kind and genuinely cares and wants to make a difference for us. I wish the Best of health to you all! *
Cheryl M.
“The neuropathy program has improved my mobility as well as my stamina before my foot pain began. The whole experience was great and everyone there really knows what and how painful neuropathy really is.” *

G. Marconi

“My health experience was unbelievable! They did a great job and I am going to spread the word. The staff gets an A+; the girls are very friendly and caring, totally adds to the experience.” *

R. Randall

“The goal of eliminating the pain in my feet was met after 2 ½ weeks of treatment, the pain is GONE! The office was great and staff gets an A+ without a doubt!” *

K. Held

“The whole experience was very positive and helpful. The office was clean, peaceful, quiet and very relaxing. I feel much better and the staff is very professional, helpful and friendly!” *

K. Wormeld

“The treatment was very good, I feel wonderful! The office staff was wonderful and I could not ask for better help.” *

B. Hagerman

“Very good. Very friendly, relaxing and helpful. My experience has been excellent.” *
Connie Marinelli

“I have had very good results. My hands had bad arthritis, they have improved. I was walking with a rolo-walker or a cane. I no longer use them. I walk 1-2 miles a day. I will be 89 years old December 7th, 2009. My life has greatly improved.” *
Clemence Locke

I have been suffering from chronic back pain since 2003. I have been told my many specialists and therapists that the long hours I spend on a computer often trigger these kinds of issues. To make matters worse I was involved in a car accident in 2004. My life since then has been filled with pain and depression. I’m a single mother so giving up and going on disability was out of the question. The combination of wanting to give my son a better upbringing than I had as well as wanting to show him the value of hard work kept me going. But as the years went on it became harder and harder to keep up. Eventually my neck would lock up and my back would be in such pain that I couldn’t get out of bed. I went to physical therapy twice. It helped get me back on my feet, but sadly only provided temporary relief. By 2007 I had given up on going back to physical therapy. I didn’t want to put more time and money towards a temporary fix. My doctor prescribed pain killers and muscle relaxers. At first these helped to at least get me to sleep at night by dulling the pain and making me sleepy. But over time they stopped working.

Just recently I was talking with friends and discussing people we knew who were suffering from ongoing chronic pain. Many of them mix alcohol with their medication to dull the pain and could no longer hold a job! Sure, they were all older than I; but this thought frightened me – is that my future? By this point my neck was locking on an almost constant basis, I couldn’t lift my arms up long enough to do my hair, and I was crying every day because I felt so hopeless. So I made another appointment with my doctor and told him of my fears and anxiety about my pain. I wanted to know what was wrong with me once and for all and fix it! He ended up referring me to a local rheumatologist because one of the tests he ran indicated I had Rheumatoid Arthritis. My aunt has that, so I thought it could be possible. It could certainly explain the constant pain. But when I went to see the rheumatologist he told me he didn’t believe it was R.A. He spent about 5 minutes with me and diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia. He also told me he “didn’t have time to go over all the symptoms” with me and to “get some exercise and call back” if I didn’t feel better.

I actually felt worse after speaking with the rheumatologist. I felt dismissed and I felt misdiagnosed. I’m no doctor, but the information that he gave me to read on fibromyalgia didn’t seem to match up with what I had been experiencing! I tried calling local doctors who specialized in fibromyalgia for a second opinion, but was turned away because I was not already a patient. Then I did a Google search and found the Health Solutions Group website. After reading through it I finally felt hopeful again – something I hadn’t felt in years! I must’ve sent Dr. Hayes a 5 page email filled with my woes!!! That very afternoon I got a call back from his receptionist Amanda – I had an appointment to see him the next day. Dr. Hayes performed a thorough exam… and most importantly, he listened to me! He told me he didn’t think I had fibromyalgia either. He believed it was an undertreated neck injury and he came up with an aggressive game plan to help me get my pain back under control… no drugs necessary! I’ve been seeing him since December 2008, just over 2 months now, and I feel so much better! I knew things had really improved when I found myself focusing on an annoying hangnail on my finger one day – the thought suddenly entered my head that I was focusing on a hangnail and not my neck or back for a change. I was never so happy to have a hangnail! Now Dr. Hayes is also helping me map out a healthier dietary plan. In just two months the quality my life has drastically improved – I would recommend Dr. Hayes and Health Solutions Group to anyone who has been suffering from chronic pain. I only wish I had found that website sooner! *
Shannon Buckus

“When I arrived at Dr Hayes office for my first visit I was very apprehensive. I had been to other doctors and they were unable to help me. After a week of difficult adjustments I felt much better.” *
Beverly Lewis

“Dr Hayes is a wonderful, gentle man. There have been many times when my pain was so severe and no one could help me except Dr. Hayes.” *
Jessica Spurr

“I have always been a little hesitant to go to a chiropractor and I wouldn’t go to just any chiropractor but Dr. Hayes is just wonderful! It is such a relief to not have back pain. He is an expert at what he does.” *
Donna Sweeney

“Dr. Hayes is extremely knowledgeable. He offers not just a chiropractic experience, but a whole mind and body experience.” *
Ruth Maulucci

“I am very pleased with the progress I am making. I believe the care I am receiving is thorough. The office is relaxing. The staff is friendly, helpful and accommodating.” *Claire Joyce, Canton, MA

“Trustworthy. I had a great experience with the clinic. The staff is very friendly and nice. Dr. Hayes has been very helpful in helping me to correct my back and helping to get my full range of motion back.” *
Jenna Tran, Rockland, MA

“I feel it has helped a lot with my pain. I was treated very well. Everybody here treated me with respect.” *
Brittney Januszewski, North Smithfield, MA

“I feel that if I had not come in when I did, I may have suffered a serious back injury. I’m looser and stronger now.” *
William Hallett, Hanover, MA

“Excellent! Dr. Hayes does wonderful work. He’s knowledgeable in not just chiropractic… if I could make him my primary care doctor I would!” *
Diana Perry, Rockland, MA

“Very good, Very friendly, relaxing and helpful. My experience has been excellent.” *
Connie Marinelli, Kingston, MA

“Good- got results. This place has a lot to offer. The office is very friendly and relaxing.” *
Ricky Henry, Whitman, MA

“I have had very good results. My hands had bad arthritis, they have improved. I was walking with a roll-walker or a cane. I no longer use them. I walk 1-2 miles a day. I will be 89 years old December 7th, 2009. My life has greatly improved.” *
Ms. Clemence Locke, Hanson, MA

“I felt that I was treated with respect and experience in all aspects. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable.”
Linda Perona, Norwell, MA

“I feel it helped me get through my back strain. The staff was very friendly and professional.” *
Peter Dwyer, Rockland, MA

“Good! In a month my range of motion has been improving and pain is less!” *
Jessica Rumpf, Weymouth, MA

“I feel 95% better then when I got here about 5 weeks ago. Doc Hayes did a wonderful job on my back.” *
Franklyn Daway, Brockton, MA

“Office is wonderful, no waiting. Staff gets 5 Stars!” *
Linda O’Neil, Bryantville, MA

“Staff was great. With the overall office experience… I am pleased.”
Bob Zemeitus, Middleboro, MA

“I am very happy with my health presently. There was a point where I couldn’t tolerate the pain… now it’s well maintained. The atmosphere in the office is very relaxing. It’s my one hour to myself! The staff is a “10.” Thank you, girls!” *
Colleen Prescott, Norwell, MA

“It has been excellent here. All aspects; from customer service to the care. I feel very comfortable in the office and everyone is extremely pleasant. The staff is outstanding,very polite and genuinely caring.” *
Mark MacNeill ,Hanover, MA

“I have had a very positive experience. The staff is friendly and very professional.They’re people I would call my friends.”
Patricia Wright, Hanover, MA

“I am happy with my care and feel so much better when I leave…” *
Michelle Tobin, Quincy, MA

“I’m very satisfied; the staff is kind and courteous.” *
Bruce Gilcoine

“Very good as always. The staff is the most professional and efficient.” *
Joseph McGlone Hanover, MA

“I’m making progress; the office is run by friendly, professional and organized people who know exactly what they are doing. I know that I am in capable hands. The staff is the best of any practice I’ve ever been a patient of- superior.” *
Michelle Desaulniers

“Very happy- would definitely recommend!” *
Kathy Roberts

“The staff is very caring and knowledgeable in the condition of the patient.” *
John Dudley, Lakeville, MA

“I would trust only Dr. Hayes with my back problems!” *
Chuck Wilbur, Abington, MA

“Very pleasant, professional and inviting atmosphere and staff.”
Ann Marcelonis, Abington, MA

“I feel that the atmosphere was great and the women at the frond desk were always kind and knew just what they were doing, great outgoing staff and my back has gotten much better!” *
Thomas Alberti, Marshfield, MA

“The staff is a perfect 10 and everyone always listened to my concerns, was very caring and helpful. I was very impressed with them and Dr. Hayes is an amazing doctor. I feel wonderful and have enjoyed coming to the doctors!” *
Nicole Fernandes, Plymouth, MA

“I have had a very positive experience here, it helps give me the strength and attitude todo the things I have to do in life, I always enjoy coming to the office! The plasmaphoresis pleasant and the staff is top notch, caring and honestly is the best overall medical experience I’ve ever had!” *
Paul Goguen, Rockland, MA

“My experience at Dr. Hayes office has been very good, the entire time, the staff, the atmosphere, everything has been excellent!” *
Barbara Gorich, Norwell, MA

“The staff is excellent; from the minute I walk in the door they are enjoyable! A 10+ for the whole experience!” *
Peggy Burns, Quincy, MA

“My needs are always met. Dr. Hayes is knowledgeable, pleasant and a very caring person, his staff is upbeat, pleasant and checks on me frequently to be sure everything is going well!” *
Judith Brennick, Weymouth, MA

“I am very happy with my treatment and experience at the office! I always feel good about going and am very comfortable with the treatment and staff!”
Vanessa Orellana, Abington, MA

“I always get relief after an adjustment by Dr. Hayes, he and his staff are always pleasantand professional, they are #1!” *
Anne-Marie Delacono, Hanson, MA

“It has been a great experience, my back feels totally different! The staff is very friendly, pleasant office setting, I told a friend about this office!” *
Lynn Sorrell, Monponsett, MA

“I feel very good since beginning treatment! The whole experience has been very positive!” *
Todd Livolsi, Woburn, MA

“I feel like someone is FINALLY trying to get an answer to the reason for my pain andthe treatments, staff and Dr. Hayes are great!” *
Maureen Sorenti, Sagamore Beach, MA

“I feel very confident of the quality of chiropractic care I received, I was not too sure about going to a chiropractor before but I am now! Everyone is always pleasant and any questions or concerns were always answered!” *
Lynn Webb, Rockland, MA

“The whole experience was great, I was very happy with the experience, Julie and Deb are the best!” *
Jill Papkee, Hanover, MA

“Everything has been wonderful. Overall, the staff is pleasant and knowledgeable. Things are run efficiently and everyone is very accommodating! A+!!!!!” *
Mary-Ellen Stoddard, Norwell, MA

“I feel as though Dr. Hayes really worked with me to address my issues, the office staff is very professional, definitely A+”
James Hubbard, Marshfield, MA

“I feel quite a bit better-I have been in pain for a year and this is the only thing that has helped me. I knew it would help! The whole experience is 110%!” *
Gayle Mulrooney, Hingham, MA

“My heath sucks but they have been great and every time I walk out of the office I’m a better person because of your help. The staff is way TOO nice and honestly there isn’t a ladder high enough to rate everyone! Great! Great!” *
Sean Griffin, Hanover, MA

“I feel as though you are helping me get better and everyone is so friendly and really go out of their way to make you feel comfortable! Best staff, best office!” *
Mark Lombardi, Hanover, MA

“My health experience has been excellent, they always inquired about my progress and were specific to my problem areas, the office itself was comfortable. Julie is very helpful and friendly-I appreciate her concern and the assistants are always helpful!” *
Debbie Griffin, Hanson, MA

“I have noticed a dramatic improvement in my pain levels and feel excellent! The office is friendly and inviting and the staff is very attentive and professional!” *
Mike Emmons, Plymouth, MA

“I am amazed by the progress that I have made with the guidance and treatment of Dr. Hayes. The office is very comfortable and the staff is friendly, knowledgeable and comfortable!” *
Jennifer Galvin, Hanson, MA

“I have definitely been feeling better since coming here and feel that I am being heard and my needs are finally being met. The atmosphere is wonderful and relaxing, the staff is exceptional, always friendly and professional!” *
Stacie Whiting, Rockland, MA

“My experience was very good, I felt it really helped in my recovery and everything was excellent!”
Joseph O’Brien, Hanover, MA

“Our health experience was excellent. Dr. Hayes did a great job educating us about scoliosis and I feel my daughter had the best treatment possible. The office was excellent,the staff is friendly and really took the time to help with my situation.” *
Jodi Carpentier, Mashpee, MA

“I found that the office was very courteous, very professional and genuinely concerned for my health, great comfortable atmosphere with a high rating for everyone!” *
Mark Edgar, Stoughton, MA

“I feel great about my healthy experience, everyone was very accommodating and there was continuous improvement in my condition. Everyone in the office is very helpful and friendly, I am very comfortable with them!”
Jennifer Galvin ,Hanson, MA

“Everyone was very helpful. My pain is almost completely gone in such a short amount of time. I feel and sleep so much better. The atmosphere is so comfortable. After about a week it begins to feel like a second home. I love the staff. Everyone has been so kind and helpful. They all work together so well and really seem to enjoy what they do.” *
Carrie-Ann Fisher, Rockland, MA

“My experience was very positive and I look forward to my visits and always leave feeling great. I feel that Dr. Hayes’ philosophy is to make me free of pain and it is working! The staff is welcoming, positive, total top notch!” *
Paul Goguen, Rockland, MA

“My feet feel wonderful, much much better! It’s much easier to fall asleep at night without pain. The staff is great, good with accommodating my different appointments, couldn’t be friendlier!”
Eddie Phelan, Quincy, MA

“The neuropathy program has improved my mobility as well as my stamina before my foot pain began. The whole experience was great and everyone there really knows what and how painful neuropathy really is.” *
G. Marconi, Plymouth, MA

“My health experience was unbelievable! They did a great job and I am going to spread the word. The staff gets an A+; the girls are very friendly and caring, totally adds to the experience.” *
R. Randall, Whitman, MA

“The goal of eliminating the pain in my feet was met after 2 ½ weeks of treatment, the pain is GONE! The office was great and staff gets an A+ without a doubt!” *
K. Held, Marshfield, MA

“The whole experience was very positive and helpful. The office was clean, peaceful,quiet and very relaxing. I feel much better and the staff is very professional, helpful and friendly!” *
K. Wormeld, Halifax, MA

“The treatment was very good, I feel wonderful! The office staff was wonderful and I could not ask for better help.” *
B. Hagerman, Ashland, MA


* No reputable Doctor can guarantee results. Your response to treatment may vary. These results may not be typical.

For Patients

Dr John Hayes Jr
475 School St
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MA 02050

A Caring Partner in Your Health Care…

As one of a select group of Chiropractic Orthopedists in Massachusetts, Dr. John P. Hayes, Jr. is also an MD Candidate. His private practice still provides specialized, comprehensive and caring therapy for a wide range of conditions. Dr. Hayes’ advanced training offers patients a unique opportunity to enter into a healthcare partnership with a highly experienced, caring professional. We work with you individually to diagnose the source of your problems and to develop an effective, personalized treatment plan. Above all, Dr. Hayes guides you in becoming an active participant in your treatment and overall good health. Dr. Hayes always brings compassion to healthcare.


A Chiropractic Orthopedist and MD Candidate, John has extensive, highly specialized training in examinations and diagnosis. A Masters Degree in Nutrition and Extensive Continuing Education provides a balanced approach to your specific problems… Dr. Hayes is one of a small number who have engaged in extensive clinical training beyond the course of study that leads to becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic.  Dr. Hayes is called upon often by general practice physicians for consultation and patient care. Additionally, Dr. Hayes works to secure fair treatment for patients who have experienced personal or occupational injuries, serving when needed as an expert witness in court cases stemming from such injuries.

Dr. Hayes takes the time to understand your problems and your lifestyle…
Dr. Hayes brings a holistic approach to your healthcare, combining chiropractic therapy with a practical understanding of you total lifestyle. Your good health rests on a balance of regular adjustments, proper diet and nutrition, exercise, stress management, and a positive attitude. Dr. Hayes helps you achieve this balance, utilizing a conservative, natural approach with an emphasis on preventive healthcare.He works with you to develop a comprehensive treatment program that fits your lifestyle and your goals, not only for pain reduction but for overall fitness and health.

Thorough examination, diagnosis and personalized treatment programs designed to put pain-free living within your reach…Dr. Hayes utilizes the latest adjustment and treatment methods.Each member of our staff takes a personal interest in your care, and works closely with Dr. Hayes and you to design the most effective treatment program. Our care is one on one, focusing on the quickest way to help you return to a healthy and active lifestyle.

Care Plans You Can Live With…

Many of our patients pay for our services personally. We offer 0% Interest Financing for Up to 6 months. Additionally, we are recognized by the best health care plans. Whatever your particular situation, we will be pleased to inform you of our affiliations.

Dr. Hayes and the staff are your partners in all aspects of healthcare, offering evening appointments and regular patient education classes.

About Dr. Hayes

Personal Affiliations

Diplomate American Board of Chiropractic Orthopedists
Past president, South Shore Chiropractic Society
Past president, South Shore Rehabilitation Associates, Inc.


MD Candidate
Doctor of Chiropractic, National College of Chiropractic, Lombard, IL
Master of Science in Biology and Nutrition, University of Bridgeport
D.A.B.C.O., Diplomate American Board of Chiropractic Orthopedists

Dr. Hayes training and professional affiliations demonstrates his education in physical medicine as he keeps abreast of important developments that will benefit his patients.


Massachusetts Licensed January 1981
Treated 1982 Boston University Track Team
Developed and Integrated Local and State Chiropractic Society
Established First Integrated Healthcare Protocols on the South Shore
Lectured Numerous Groups and Organizations including State  Society, Braintree Hospital Grand Rounds & Numerous Healthcare Symposia
Expert Witness

Private Practice since January 1981