Chiropractic Treatment: Chronic Spine Pain After Fusion

Chronic Spine Pain After Fusion

In our practices, we see many patients with less than optimal results from spinal surgery. Although in many cases surgery can save lives and improve immediate outcomes, problems can arise in areas adjacent to the surgical site, especially after fusion of the spine, sometimes resulting in chronic spine pain for the patient.

One of our discoveries has been that applying our treatment protocols in these cases can be very helpful in controlling pain, and helping to restore better function.

We once treated a patient who is several years after cervical fusion with unrelenting interscapular pain (right between the shoulder blades). I had taken care of this gentleman before surgery many years earlier.

This patient tried numerous drugs, pain blocks, physical therapy, all without significant improvements. As I have done in lumbar spine patients on several times, we applied treatment to the affected area.

He experienced almost immediate relief with our combination manual therapy and neurostimulator application. He gets some relief with a home care unit, but returns to the office for periodic treatments.

Here is another case where applying what we have learned about treating chronic pain has really helped this gentleman live a more normal life!

Save yourself years of chronic spine pain misery.

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