Dear Friend,

As designated Federal and State Essential Providers we are providing essential services and pain and nutrition care for our existing and new patients.

Please schedule by call or text (preferable) to 791-659-7989 or simply leave your name, number and email on the home page here on this site.

IMPORTANT: ***TEXT  781-659-7989 upon your arrival. *Due to precautions we are asking you be as timely as possible. We’ll text you back when you may enter.

By scheduling you acknowledge you have no fever, chills, sweats or any sign of illnesses and NO KNOWN COVID—19 Exposure.
You will have a temperature and illness screening inside the office.


HELP US DEAL WITH COVID STAFFING by paying all fees AT THE DESK upon or before all services anticipated for the week.

If you need any supplies ready or personalized services or Membership Package Plan Payment forms please text me back ASAP so I can have them prefilled.

***Don’t forget Masks and hand sanitizer use before and after your visit


IMPORTANT: if you are NOT receiving regular news and updates from us by email, please enter your name and email on the home page

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Please ask me for an add!

Thank You! Kerri