Our team of staff including clinicians and therapists bring a holistic approach to your healthcare, combining  a practical understanding of you total lifestyle. Your good health rests on a balance of regular care, proper diet and nutrition, exercise, stress management, and a positive attitude.

We help you achieve this balance, utilizing a conservative, natural approach with an emphasis on preventive healthcare.

Thorough examination, diagnosis and personalized treatment programs designed to put pain-free living within your reach…

Each member of our staff takes a personal interest in your care, and works closely with you to design the most effective treatment program. Our care is one on one, focusing on the quickest way to help you return to a healthy and active lifestyle.

Many health plans cover your care…

Many of our patients pay for our services personally. We accept many insurance plans including Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and in most cases will file the necessary paperwork for you. Additionally, we are recognized by many PPO’s and HMO’s. Whatever your particular situation, we will be pleased to inform you of our affiliations.

All The the staff and especially your doctors are your partners in all aspects of healthcare, offering evening appointments and patient education classes.

All team members use the clinical systems and trainings developed by Dr. John & Patti Hayes.

Dr. Hayes continues to expand his medical training and is very proud of everything he and Patti have brought to health care. We both personally thank you for all your help, love and support.