About These Workshops

In these private workshops, which are held for groups selected Tuesdays in non-holiday weeks you will get to tour of tour state of the art facility and see hands on the valuable tools we now have to treat many health conditions including neuropathy, spinal stenosis, feel back surgeries, herniated discs, shingles, and many forms of chronic pain.

We are located just off Rt 3  Exit 12 at 475 School St., Suite 7 Marshfield, Ma. 02050

You’ll be visiting the private practice of the best-selling author educator and clinician, Dr. John P Hayes Jr. You will also have the opportunity to schedule a private visit after the workshop should you desire. All you need to do is call 781-659-7989, or simply leave your information below.

Thomas Drives 2 Hours Each Way To Our Clinic

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